Two Escorts 4 Me On The Train Should Be Strongly Considered!

Two Escorts 4 Me On The Train Should Be Strongly Considered!


Dearest heroic helpers:

I am taking the train on the 9th escorts or not. I want everyone to be clear on this. I am not afraid 2 die if this is what has to happen here.

I am thinking about those that are supporting me anonymously when I state the Title of this blog.

Let’s assume I get on the train, but then “I just don’t show up”… never to be heard from again.

Or I die on the train, a body is recovered, and it’s called “a heart attack”.

How are you folks going to feel if any of the above two scenarios happen?

And then what are you going to do?

I sure hope that the answer is “start an Internet Woodstock”, and do so expeditiously.

Here is my train problem in a nutshell…

It’s not just the Mafia or the Feds that are after me.

As bizarre as this sounds, when I was staying at the Des Moines homeless shelter, a hit team supported by Russia showed up.

Even the two Mafia fellows I was talking to were surprised at this. One of them said three letters under his breath while walking by me.


One must remember that Russia is a large exporter of oil.

The energy invention stuff Gary Vesperman writes about is a huge threat to the oil industry worldwide.

And Russia is a huge exporter of oil, hundreds of billions of dollars worth a year perhaps. The Russian national economy is heavily dependent on its oil revenues.

However, the problem with Gary Vesperman’s written work is that it is far too complex for most people to digest (even I have a problem digesting a lot of it).

Gary is practically writing the Bible of Energy Invention Suppression, but to most folks his written work means absolutely nothing, nor have they even heard of Gary Vesperman.

Gary’s writings need to be chopped into little pieces and boiled down into easy-2-understand simplicity, so as to be able to educate a typical teenager in America. Otherwise, his brilliant and prolific work is simply “politically useless”, and will be completely ignored by the masses.

This is where I as a WordPress blogger can come in handy!

I am good at taking something complicated, and making it simple to understand.

I am not interested in most of the Energy Invention Suppression Cases that Gary Vesperman writes about because they are extraneous and “politically useless”.

However, I am extremely interested in all those Suppression Cases in which a Powerful and Motivating blog for the masses can be created out of it by my WordPress blogging about it.

In being the above, I am a huge threat to the Russian national economy, so much so they sent a team to kill me.

The above is a fact, and it is not just the three letters I heard from the Mafia.

I saw the Russians with my own eyes in the homeless shelter, and highly suspect I was regularly talking to one.

But it’s not just the Russians that want me dead. Our domestic oil industry, the Saudi’s, or any other oil exporting country, is in deep trouble if I make it to San Francisco.

I have Big Oil over a barrel as much as I have Big Pharma over a barrel. (I cannot believe sometimes that “I have lasted this long”, as many hundreds of billions, or even trillions of dollars, are involved here on both fronts.)

Now let’s forget about Big Oil for a minute.

Any Single One of the Top 25 Pharmaceutical Companies in the U.S. has enough fiscal motivation to send a hitman or hit team after me.

The American Medical Association is not too happy with me. The same principle as the above applies.

Monsanto is not too happy with me. The same applies (the same being that there is enough fiscal motivation to send a hit team).

The Vatican and/or organized religion as a whole is not too happy with me. The same applies.

Every single government worldwide that is not Open and Honest and Fair is threatened by a properly structured e-government.

Therefore the majority of Governments in the World are not too happy with me. The same applies.

The train I am going to be on could hold a Convention for Hit Men in the dining car. If it did, it might be surprisingly well attended… lol.

In essence, my written work, and written work to be (assuming that I remain alive), is a Big Threat to almost Every Power In Place at the current time.

I am fully prepared mentally and otherwise to play the hero role until the end, and get on that train and “end up dead”…

Which is extremely likely to happen.

The hit men that will be sent after me have to either “Catch Me Asleep and Unwatched” or “They Have To Trap Me in the Bathroom Unwatched”. (if I was watched at both of these times, I have a Great Chance! of making it to San Francisco!)

I wrote this blog to help those that are helping me understand that “I am not likely to make it unescorted”.

They will be making an Internet Martyr out of me, if I don’t have company to watch over me while I sleep on the train or an escort in the hall when I go to the bathroom.

I am simply giving you the facts here.

Make whatever adjustments that you feel are appropriate and necessary.

Unless I get escorted by at least one person (and two would be better), I am not likely to be here that much longer.


This blog was written in the spirit of helping you folks that are helping me to “Avoid Paying the Price” for the rest of your lives thinking “We Should Have Done Things Different”.

I am worth more to the Revolution Alive than Dead, and my many enemies know it.

Regardless of knowing my likely fate unescorted, the little piece of God in me tells me to “Get On that Train”… and I am going to Willingly and Gladly Obey and Do What I Am Told By My Conscience (that little piece of God) no matter what happens.

I am greatly looking forward! to getting on the train! on Tuesday at 7:00 pm or so… even if I am completely unescorted.

I am the Happiest Man Alive! that’s No Lie!

God apparently gave me a Special Destiny. (I keep telling God that “he gave this Destiny to the wrong guy because Fame don’t mean beans to me!”… lol)

I sincerely hope that I last for another three to four months untiliROCK4FREEDOM! actually happens! such that I can experience it without being six feet under… lol

If not, I feel deeply honored to be “the Man that Woke America Up to (1) the need for an Internet Woodstock Event such as iROCK4FREEDOM!, (2) the Need 4 Justifiable Revolution!, (3) the Fact that the Mafia is in bed with Big Pharma, and (4) the Fact that the Mafia holds Heavy Sway over our Federal Government, especially the FDA, but Obama and a number of Senators and Congresspersons as well.

In stating points #3 and #4 in the Above, I still hold fast to the Strong Belief that the Smart People in the Internet/Computer/Computer Software Industry and the Mafia working together is “By Far the Best Way to Salvage America”. Unfortunately, the Mafia may not realize or accept this yet.

If I end up Dead or missing enroute, when the Revolution in America inevitably succeeds, it is going to have to find a way to counteract the influence of the Mafia on the replacement government that will be put in place. That’s 4 Sure! Do not have any doubt about this! The Mafia is >>>far more powerful<<< than most people realize in America!

Allen Darman with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Team!


Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) Our Management Website Of



  • 3) Presidential Roundtable e-Government Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth WordPress Website


  • 5) Willy Darman’s Co-Discovery WordPress Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July 4th Revolution WordPress Website



Our Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is Going to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock called iROCK4FREEDOM! or we are going to die trying! That’s No Lie!


Notable Quotes

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.Tennessee Williams

I think before and during the time that I am writing.  When I think, I use this Incredible Organ called a Human Brain.  Even if there are Aliens out there somewhere (or here already, as may very well be the case), there is Nothing Quite the Same as the Human Brain in the Universe.   I know that many people say that “There is Not a God!”, but when I ponder all of the human brain’s and the human body’s complexities, I sure as heck know that there is Something Out There on a higher level than us.  The Earth when it was made, was just some molten Star Material that got thrown off and eventually became this Round Ball we call the planet Earth.  Out of this molten rock thrown off from our sun when it was born “We have a human brain!” and “We have a human body” and “We have all the other trees, plants, animals, fishes, and mammals with a body and a brain 2!”.  Who designed all this stuff?  Who or what made this all happen? from “some cooled off molten rock four and a half billion years ago”? And who made all of the other Stars and planets in the Universe? and all the Other Life out there too far away from us to realize its mathematical certainty?  In my mind, there is a God! There has to be! He Made My Brain! and He told me to Use It!  and Use It Wisely! And he told me that “when I write” I should be Honest, as Honest as I can possibly be! I have no problems whatsoever being honest when I write, 4 I am a Creation of God just as you are don’t u see? If not, perhaps your conscience will eventually let u know who you really are.  It helps if “You Just Look at Yourself” in the mirror in the morning for a little while, look into Your Own Eyes, and Listen!

God will talk 2 u! Just listen.  AllenD



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