Allen Darman Had The Best Day! Of His Life 2 Date In Florence OR Today! Despite Being Hacked By The Feds (7-16-2013)

According 2 Allen…

“I Love This Town!!!”

What a setup!  So convenient!  So easy!  So Cute!  So Safe!  So Cheap To Live In!  Such A Great Library!  Such A Great “Old Town” Section right on the water!  With boats and all!  So many Great Inexpensive Restaurants With Great Seafood!  (a bit radioactive from Fukushima perhaps… lol) So many 420Friendly Cool People!  Or 420Active I suppose I should say…  lol.  And even a casino that spreads Live Poker three days a week (or maybe 4… lol)

I’m In HEAVEN!  And I have not even died yet!  Lol

More coming soon…

Allen D (and his Heroic and Smart WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)


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