Is Twitter Censorship Coming 2 the U.S.?


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Is Twitter censorship going to happen here in the United States?Has it already happened to some extent?

All Federal Governments, to include our own, are deathly afraid of the Power of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus… there is not one iota of doubt about this.

Why are Federal Governments afraid of the Power of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus?

That Is A Very Good Question! Here is the most obvious answer…

All Federal Governments, or the vast majority of them anyway, are extremely corrupt.

They want to keep this Fact hidden, of course!


Because They Are Afraid of What Might Happen If The People Found Out the Truth!

See this link for what happened in Australia recently in regard to Twitter Censorship.

 If Twitter Censorship of Tweets that are critical of the government are now being legally blocked by force of law in Australia… don’t you think that such could happen here in the United States as well?

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